Buffet and catering at home

Buffet and catering at home


La Maan also offers home-catering services in the area of Rome and the province, guaranteed by many years of appreciated experience. At Christmas, for a ceremony and in general, it is always possible to request a refreshment with home delivery according to the chef’s proposals, who know how to create original dishes without ever forgetting tradition, so important in special moments to share with family and friends more expensive.
The full menu usually includes a rich variety of appetizers, two first courses, a second dish accompanied by a delicatessen and desserts suitable for every occasion. You can enjoy home-made Christmas Eve dinner or New Year’s Eve dinner at competitive prices and a special menu for children to make a tasty party for everyone.
To ask for information or order dinner take away just call the Maan at 069417605

Christmas and New Year’s Eve

La Maan also specializes Christmas parties with homemade or takeaway catering services for Rome and the province. Directly at your home you can enjoy a dinner prepared for you by our Chef.

For dinner on the eve we offer a special espresso menu, which takes into account the tradition and amazes with the unusual approach of flavors. In the main courses, the flavor of the fish is enriched with pistachio, fullness of legumes, exotic guacamole and freshness of citrus fruits, for a truly unforgettable dinner.

The special menu for the New Year’s Eve buffet is worthy of the best restaurants in Rome and offers a wide choice of appetizers, classic lasagna in an unusual version and timeless baked ham. And finally you can enjoy the inevitable lentils with cotechino, because the party is of good wishes and brings happiness and happiness even in 2016.

In the most famous evening of the year you can enjoy an exclusive dinner and tailor-made for your needs in the comfort of your home. Even the kids will be happy: for them we offer a tasty menu with lower prices that will satisfy the most “demanding” palates.



Corporate Events

Corporate Events


Maan Banqueting & Catering organizes corporate events, aperitifs, breakfasts, coffee breaks, business lunches at your home or in a location of your choice.

The catering industry also offers events with features and types of drinks and dishes of other countries, depending on the needs and desires of the customers.

A highly professional service, taste and scent of dishes are an indispensable prerogative on these occasions: Maan Banqueting & Catering, thanks to innovative cooking techniques, is able to guarantee all these elements in any kind of environment and regardless of the number Of guests. Over the years, we have collaborated with prestigious companies and institutions that we consider to be trusted partners.


Meal Service and Catering

The eight-year Maan Services company has created and manages a department dedicated to the collective catering industry with a canteen service for Pontifical Institutes and Private Schools.
Special diets and portioning service are among the services offered by our company for this catering sector, where our commitment is to guarantee tasty and welcome courses from adults and children, with due regard to the right food rules and good food education.

Private events

Private events

We will take care of your private events with refined and personalized catering.

Catering eventi privati - Maan Banqueting

Maan Banqueting & Catering accompanies you in organizing and catering for private events such as a gala evening, a birthday party or any other occasion at really attractive prices: we will help you make a memorable party to share with friends and family and Leave as indelible memory in your heart.

We will put our professionalism to your service so that you can fully enjoy the festive and joyful atmosphere without worry. From the choice of location to refined preparations, our 20 year experience will be able to interpret and realize your wishes even for eighteen-year parties, graduation parties and any other special celebrations.

Each of our events is organized following the inspirational principles of hotel instruction.
Always in line with the new trends, our menus are prepared with creativity by offering a wide choice of dishes that will satisfy even the finest palates. Cooking preparations, both nationally and internationally, are always expressed to enhance tastes and flavors by combining seasonal products with the needs of our customers.



Casal Romito

Casal Romito

Casal Romito is a villa for weddings, ceremonies, banquets and elegant events in Rome and the Castelli Romani that combines beauty with beauty. It dates back to the seventeenth century in fact it was restructured at the beginning of the twentieth century in the strictest respect of the original architectural style. Already wonderful has been improved thanks to the further renovation of the 70s by new and current owners.

Where is Casal Romito?

The location is strategic because it is located in the middle of the Castelli but it is only a few kilometers from Rome, ideal for those who want to celebrate in the peace of its gardens. Here you can organize any event. The property has a high reception and can accommodate sumptuous banquets or private occasions for private events or ceremonies thanks to its many rooms that give it the opportunity to set up more places for appetizers, tastings, starters, desserts, both indoors and outdoors.


The building and the garden add an elegant tone to any event and for this Casal Romito can be considered one of the best wedding and catering venues in Rome. For more than twenty years, she has been hosting events and exclusive events in her scenic lounges or large outdoor spaces, taking advantage of every experience.

Among the suggestive corners, it is also possible to take photographs and photographic services unique to the refined atmosphere and beauty of the 18th century villas. In particular you can admire:

  • The Festival Hall
  • The fireplace room
  • The private Chapel
  • The Well Piazzetta
  • The Piazzale degli Archi
  • The terracotta terrace
  • The glimpses of Roman ruins
  • The centuries-old plants
  • The rosettes
  • The Italian gardens

In summer and winter Casal Romito is very much appreciated among the wedding villas in Rome and the province due to its impeccable catering service regardless of the weather conditions, which can be managed thanks to the availability of large indoor, garden and In the surrounding park.


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Our catering fits your every need for organizing ceremonies such as baptisms, communions, affirmations, celebrations in private villas or at home. We will be happy to create and live with you unique and unforgettable events.


Servizio noleggio attrezzature per cerimonia


You can request the catering service you prefer for your children’s confirmation, communion or baptism, symbolic and intense moments for the whole family: we are at your disposal from simple home delivery of food, consulting, organization of the reception at External facilities or at your home in Rome and in the province. Choosing a place will depend on your wishes, the number of participants and the particular atmosphere that you want to set up according to the time of the day when the reception will take place: that is why we will be able to decorate your premises in an original way that can be Indoor or outdoor spaces depending on seasons and recurrences. For evening events the lighting will give a touch of elegance to the outfits, while daytime will be the tablecloths, ceramics, buffet details, the glittering of the cutlery and the mise en place.

If you want to, we’ll be at your side even for caterers catering for themed party parties or anything else in keeping with your wishes. The same for the eighteen year old and any special birthday. If you wish, we can also direct you from certified professionals for confectionery, candy, photographic and florist services, so that you can enjoy the joy of that day without worry. You can dedicate yourself to the festivities while we are going to provide you the best according to your wishes, advising you disinterested about the best solutions for any occasion. Our collaborators are experienced professionals and guarantee every kind of solution from classic service to the most courageous latest trends.

Rental equipment

Rental equipment

We meet all your needs and for this reason we can also offer you a rental service for events equipment.

noleggio attrezzature

We rent everything you need for table, tablecloths, cutlery ceramics, and we are delighted to provide you with our mise en place advice, ready for reception. If you need the equipment for outdoor seating, we provide you with the equipment needed to make your living unique.

The service includes the possibility of renting equipment for the buffet, such as tables, tablecloths, crockery, glassware, cutlery, candlesticks and decorations packed for the occasion, such as sculptures carved on plants and fruit, always realized at the time and according to the theme desired. We can also provide outdoor coverings, umbrellas, lighting, temporary lounges, chairs, armchairs, and the garden corner decor that will welcome the event.


2019 Special Wedding Days Edition

2019 Special Wedding Days Edition

Special Wedding Days 2019 Edition

Getting married on some days of the year becomes even more advantageous with the 2019 Special Wedding Days edition.

Find out what are the special wedding days 2019, the perfect days to get married.

Write to us using the form below or call us on 06 9417605. We will show you the special dates in which to fix the wedding and we will be happy to build a dream with you!

Professionalism, experience, imagination, love and interesting proposals: the mix is made for a truly unmissable recipe.

Special wedding days 2019