Wedding Vegan

Wedding Vegan

We are able to organize a vegan or vegetarian wedding with a rich menu of dishes and so much imagination. We like listening to your preferences to calibrate your course and, if necessary, give you directions on the general arrangement of the event. Our main goal is to realize your dreams and therefore meet your every need.

A tailor made menu for a vegan wedding

In the menus of your wedding is the meat or even all animal products banned? Vegetarian or vegan wedding offers us the chance to use the richness of flavors and aromas of nature.

Free way to the seasonal vegetables, with the support of so much beloved cereals and legumes. The spices and flavors of the moment will give that extra touch that will serve to make your event even more “tasty”. And if you want, we can have special menus for those who, even for health reasons, can not taste your delicacies.

Una scelta che va oltre la cucina

Per organizzare un matrimonio vegano è opportuno non fermarsi solo al menù. Sarà consigliabile scegliere adobbi a tema, su base floreale e comunque vegetale, favorendo ciò che il periodo propone. Anche i colori dovranno in qualche modo essere collegati all’idea green di base. Via libera quindi al verde in tutte le sue tonalità, alla gradazione di bianchi, rosa, gialli, arancioni, che ricordano il sole e la sua energia.

Per gli abiti e i dettagli come l’anello nuziale e le bomboniere scegliete lo stile morbido e vintage e prediligete, per confezionare i mitici confetti, materiali di origine naturale e magari home-made. Consiglio? Utilizzate il legno, i tessuti green come la canapa, il lino e il cotone.

La location perfetta deve avere uno stile country, come un agriturismo in mezzo ai colli dei Castelli Romani o immerso nella campagna di Roma.

Ethnic Wedding

Ethnic Wedding

How to Organize an Ethnic Wedding: Ask and Do not be Disappointed! Our great experience allows us to satisfy many needs. We know the customs of other countries and their traditions related to events.

Organize an ethnic marriage: the choice is wide!

For those who love Japanese culture, the cuisine and the novelty of sushi are apt to come to the fore, which we can prepare for the occasion and in an express way. Of course, all wedding details may be of a theme, such as dressings and the choice of decorations.

For those who love the Far East and in particular Chinese tradition, we can make menus on demand, as well as for the delicious African cuisine that offers many tips for the decorations and shades on which to base the general organization of the event.

Curry, Saffron, Cumin, Chili, Jamaica Pepper, Tandoori Masala, Curcuma: In a triumph of colors and scents we will be able to give birth to an ethnic marriage that will not be forgotten and will leave an emotional memory to the guests and the bride and groom. It will be like doing a little journey and not just with the imagination!

Wedding Country

Wedding Country

Maan catering can organize a country wedding thanks to the farmhouses and farmhouses in the whole district of Rome and the province.

The Country Wedding: tricks and secrets

A country wedding, as it is increasingly said, has the central choice of location. The villa for weddings and events must have a rustic style. An agritourism is also fine that allows you to enjoy gardens, outdoor terraces, and theme-themed rooms.
The furnishings must be in simple materials such as wood and the stone or terracotta building. Perfect country houses, where the abundance of bucolic landscapes makes the atmosphere even more impressive.
Ideal decorations are based on materials derived from the same ground: grain reeds everywhere, field flowers, tools and jewelry restored, vintage objects that make other dreamy dreams.

Se si ama lo stile country, sempre più di moda nei cataloghi e tra le proposte dei migliori wedding planner, lo si deve adottare totalmente. Va privilegiata la campagna anche nei menù e negli allestimenti delle tavole dove la juta risulta essere la scelta più glamour del momento.

Consigliatissimi i tovagliati con decorazioni color corda, i dettagli con spighe o papaveri se d’estate o tralci e frutti d’autunno se d’inverno. Nel piatto? Si abbondi con portate di terra a base di carne, formaggi e verdure. Vanno “osate” anche contaminazioni e accostamenti innovativi.

Perché nell’organizzazione di un matrimonio in uno stile caratteristico l’ingrediente principale è la fantasia che non deve mai mancare. Il matrimonio risulterà così originale e rifletterà i desideri degli sposi. Perché sono loro i veri protagonisti di questo giorno speciale!

Wedding at home

Wedding at home

Home wedding is one of the most original ways to celebrate this important day. For many years now, Maan offers homemade catering in the area of Rome and the province, specializing in wedding receptions and banquets.

Wedding at Home: What a Fairy Tales!

The first step will be to analyze the location and its ability to receive. If the number of guests is compatible with your facility then we will be able to turn your home for a day in a villa for impeccable ceremonies. The set-up will be impressive thanks to the Fiandra tablecloths, the first quality porcelain, the silverware. The themed decorations will make your event even more original. The banquet will consist of cooked meals at the time and with raw materials controlled and guaranteed by our experience. We will be able to suggest details that complement your party style. A few examples? The tasting of rum, grapperia, the corner for vintage photos, the triumph of sweets and much more.

For a private ceremony, it is always possible to request a refreshment with home delivery. Our chefs will make special dishes related to seasonal or early produce. We will be able to create portions that meet your wishes with home catering solutions for the Roma and Castelli Romani area

Per informazioni ulteriori o preventivi è possibile scrivere via mail o tramite il sito attraverso il modulo di contatti. Potete eventualmente telefonare al numero 06 9417605: saremo lieti di consigliarvi e di effettuare un eventuale sopralluogo alla location da voi scelta, che sia casa vostra o un’altra residenza privata.

Wedding Shabby Chic

Wedding Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic wedding is the last wedding cry even in Rome and the province. For those who want a fashionable reception this is the right choice. Organizing an event according to this style involves first of all the background choices, both in the prevailing colors and in the materials and location.

Shabby Chic wedding in Rome: the location

The place to celebrate is definitely very important to create the right atmosphere. The stone houses and villas are perfect, with saloons furnished with light and strictly woody furniture: in Rome and around, the choice is really wide. The large windows are an extra note that will warm you up thanks to the light that needs to be warm and welcoming. It’s also okay to make the home event as long as the environment chosen for the banquet complies with this delicate style. If you love this theme we can also set up the halls with our themed equipment, from tables, chairs to small details.

Details: shabby flowers and decorations

The real piece of a Shabby wedding is the choice of details. The colors should be clear or in any case pastel fabrics and porcelain should be simple, best white or, at best, with small motifs. Everything should be rich in ornaments with refined but simple flowers, contained in white jugs or centerpieces even in tin or glass. Flowers should always be fresh and natural. Roses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and lavender are fine. The choice, of course, must depend on taste and season.

If it is handmade, it is perfect

The hand made in this case is winning. Free way to custom-made dresses, hand-written invitations and handmade bombs, all in simple and no-frills materials. We can help you with tips on original ideas that will surprise the guests. On request, direct yourselves to professionals to realize, even in these small details, your dream.


Classic Wedding

Classic Wedding

A classic and elegant wedding is the perfect solution for those who love tradition. Our twenty-year experience guarantees a special event, because we know the rules that are not written about what is to be done in the event of a wedding. Additionally, we can add a verve that, along with your particular directions, will help make this unique day really important.

The Classic Wedding is synonymous with elegance

From decorations to menu choice, the keyword will be one: elegance. Free way then to white color, in clothes and outfits. If you want a vintage and romantic shade you can also opt for a creamy shade or the enchanting ivory. In the choice of courses we can play with variations on traditional themes, enriching historical dishes with unusual flavors or eye delicacies. The flower recommended? A chic flower that never disappoints is pink, but the choice in this case depends on taste and season.

The ideal location could be a romantic villa with a large garden to capture the moment in picturesque pictures. If you prefer a classic home wedding, there is no problem. The catering service will create a magical and sophisticated atmosphere thanks to the study of the premises and the wedding will be wonderful just because they are made in your own home.

If you love the elegance of a classic wedding, contact us by filling out the form on the site. We will be happy to advise you and eventually find the solution that best suits your needs. We can also add details to the catering, including wedding favors and baby-sitting services (baby sitter for children, music, flowers, special angles, and more).



Wedding in the Castle

Wedding in the Castle

Marrying in a castle is an important choice, perfect for crowning a great dream. Those who love the elegance of castles for weddings and ceremonies can choose a historical location. To make even more impressive the wedding contributes to the catering service and at the request of wedding planner for impeccable details.

Fabulous wedding castles

Among our residences we offer the Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano. From the castle you have a beautiful view of the lake and the inner courtyard welcomes you and delivers it into a timeless atmosphere that will set your moments in your memory unique. Here they chose to organize their wedding many Italian and foreign celebrities. A few examples? They married Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker in 1998, but many years before they chose Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini (1979) and later Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Historic residences for breathtaking events

La Maan offers vintage residences for weddings to be celebrated in a sophisticated setting, between imposing lounges and secular parks. One of the locations used is Villa Mondragone, a few kilometers from Rome. Dating back to the 16th century, it offers romantic sunsets on Rome and elegant Italian gardens for an event, ceremony or a wedding banquet to be remembered.
It was home to a Jesuit College that made it a School of Excellence. The connection with culture continues today, as the structure has been acquired by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, which has been able to enhance it and has given it a new splendor.

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Wedding in the Villa

Wedding in the Villa

Get married in a special setting between Italian gardens and sumptuous rooms: this means choosing a villa wedding, a classic and elegant solution, thanks to the charm of historic residences and secular homes. Would you like to welcome the guests in a park and enjoy breathtaking views? Would you like to celebrate in sumptuous salons? This may be the choice for you. Finding the ideal location for one of the most important days means getting married in the place you’ve always dreamed of. We help you not to compromise. Maan catering offers many locations for weddings in Rome and in the Castelli Romani area.

A villa for every need

One of the most prestigious solutions is certainly Casal Romito, which is only a few kilometers from Rome. Situated in the heart of the nature of the Roman castles, its Italian gardens make it one of the finest weddings in Rome and its surroundings. The structure is suitable for prestigious ceremonies with a maximum capacity of 350 people. Its halls and corners reserved in the park are also ideal for intimate receptions. It is possible to reserve the entire property exclusively.

This is just one of the many villas we can suggest and each location has special features that make it unique: here are some examples. If you are fascinated by the marriage in villa contact us to know our proposals by sending an email to or by filling out the form on the site.

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2019 Special Wedding Days Edition

2019 Special Wedding Days Edition

Special Wedding Days 2019 Edition

Getting married on some days of the year becomes even more advantageous with the 2019 Special Wedding Days edition.

Find out what are the special wedding days 2019, the perfect days to get married.

Write to us using the form below or call us on 06 9417605. We will show you the special dates in which to fix the wedding and we will be happy to build a dream with you!

Professionalism, experience, imagination, love and interesting proposals: the mix is made for a truly unmissable recipe.

Special wedding days 2019