Villa dei Consoli Borgo dell’Angiolo is a perfect villa for weddings and class events. Situated on a small hill, dominates the countryside below and enjoys stunning views. The villa is in the heart of the Roman castles’ countryside, near Monte Porzio Catone. It is about thirty minutes from Rome, a few kilometers from Tor Vergata.

Villa dei Consoli: an exclusive location

The location for weddings, close to Rome, offers indoor and outdoor spaces, including an indoor terrace. The garden lends itself to organizing events in the beautiful season and is the ideal scenario for photographic services with the rosette and the Roman tank. The main villa dates back to the 1800’s and resumes the Roman domus architecture with an interior patio. The property guarantees exclusivity: every day you can organize a single event, avoiding annoying crossings.
Its features make it a must for a wedding in the villa that contemplates all the details with taste and elegance.

Villa dei Consoli Borgo dell’Angiolo has an almost millenary history, since it dates back to Roman times according to the testimonies collected over time. A traveler of the eighteenth century told that he had seen that location along Via Pietra Porzia, known as Villa di Sardanapàlo, where a Roman farmhouse and ruins stood.



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