A classic and elegant wedding is the perfect solution for those who love tradition. Our twenty-year experience guarantees a special event, because we know the rules that are not written about what is to be done in the event of a wedding. Additionally, we can add a verve that, along with your particular directions, will help make this unique day really important.

The Classic Wedding is synonymous with elegance

From decorations to menu choice, the keyword will be one: elegance. Free way then to white color, in clothes and outfits. If you want a vintage and romantic shade you can also opt for a creamy shade or the enchanting ivory. In the choice of courses we can play with variations on traditional themes, enriching historical dishes with unusual flavors or eye delicacies. The flower recommended? A chic flower that never disappoints is pink, but the choice in this case depends on taste and season.

The ideal location could be a romantic villa with a large garden to capture the moment in picturesque pictures. If you prefer a classic home wedding, there is no problem. The catering service will create a magical and sophisticated atmosphere thanks to the study of the premises and the wedding will be wonderful just because they are made in your own home.

If you love the elegance of a classic wedding, contact us by filling out the form on the site. We will be happy to advise you and eventually find the solution that best suits your needs. We can also add details to the catering, including wedding favors and baby-sitting services (baby sitter for children, music, flowers, special angles, and more).