The Shabby Chic wedding is the last wedding cry even in Rome and the province. For those who want a fashionable reception this is the right choice. Organizing an event according to this style involves first of all the background choices, both in the prevailing colors and in the materials and location.

Shabby Chic wedding in Rome: the location

The place to celebrate is definitely very important to create the right atmosphere. The stone houses and villas are perfect, with saloons furnished with light and strictly woody furniture: in Rome and around, the choice is really wide. The large windows are an extra note that will warm you up thanks to the light that needs to be warm and welcoming. It’s also okay to make the home event as long as the environment chosen for the banquet complies with this delicate style. If you love this theme we can also set up the halls with our themed equipment, from tables, chairs to small details.

Details: shabby flowers and decorations

The real piece of a Shabby wedding is the choice of details. The colors should be clear or in any case pastel fabrics and porcelain should be simple, best white or, at best, with small motifs. Everything should be rich in ornaments with refined but simple flowers, contained in white jugs or centerpieces even in tin or glass. Flowers should always be fresh and natural. Roses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and lavender are fine. The choice, of course, must depend on taste and season.

If it is handmade, it is perfect

The hand made in this case is winning. Free way to custom-made dresses, hand-written invitations and handmade bombs, all in simple and no-frills materials. We can help you with tips on original ideas that will surprise the guests. On request, direct yourselves to professionals to realize, even in these small details, your dream.