La Maan offers catering services in Rome, Frascati and the province.

The wide choice of vintage or private villas will allow you to find the perfect place for parties, weddings, wedding banquets, ceremonies, baptisms, communions, private parties or business events. For unprecedented occasions you can also organize home events at your home: thanks to our experience we will be able to guide you at every step by advising the most suitable solution for every circumstance.

The raw materials used are guaranteed and are selected carefully with the help of well-established suppliers. Our chefs, qualified and long-standing, pay close attention to the presentation of the dishes but also to the health and goodness, because one of our distinctive mission is to reconcile the beautiful to see with the good of the table to enjoy.

Mise en place is our point of excellence thanks to the vast selection of fine porcelain finishes, flannel tablecloths, crystals and silverware that will allow you to create an event that adapts to your style, enriching the table of details that will be left in the memory And in the heart an unforgettable image. Each of our events is organized following the inspirational principles of hotel instruction. Always in line with the new trends, our menus are prepared with creativity by offering a wide choice of dishes that will satisfy even the finest palates. Cooking preparations, both nationally and internationally, are always expressed to enhance tastes and flavors by combining seasonal products with the needs of our customers.

For private events Maan offers extreme versatility: from refined preparation to refined preparations we will be able to guide you with custom service tailored to your needs. Maan also offers impeccable catering services for corporate events, business lunches, breakfasts, aperitifs that meet every need, at your home or in a location of your choice. Over the years, we have collaborated with prestigious companies and institutions that we consider to be trusted partners. For eight years we have been serving collective catering and canteen service for schools and private institutes, with great satisfaction for us and our customers.

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