Choosing the location is key to crowning your dreams.

For weddings and events, Maan Banqueting & Catering provides the best wedding venues Rome, Castelli Romani and Province. Between historic buildings, monumental castles, estate and private villas, you will certainly find the perfect setting for wedding or any other event. Every place has its own style and allows you to give a special touch according to your preferences, from the classical laurel, to the minimal look, to the more rustic feelings: thanks to our tips you can choose the one that is more in tune with your desires. You will be fascinated by the sumptuousness of Casal Romito, the monumental prestige of Villa Mondragone, the suggestion of the Castle of Bracciano, the refined delicacy of the Casina dell’Orologio, the country style of Tenuta Cusmano, the neo-classical tone of Villa Dino, the panoramic views of Villa Vittoria Park, from the chic composition of the paper mill village. These are just some of the most prestigious locations in Rome and the area we are proud of for our catering service. Based on the style of your event we will be able to advise you on the ideal place. If you wish, we can arrange the banquet at your home.

You can request information about the villas you are interested in.

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