The flower associated with marriage is often pink, but it should actually be the tulip. Wedding and tulips are a winning combination. This beautiful and simple flower symbolizes deep love, the bond that lasts a lifetime. Here because…


Secrets and history of the tulip: so why choose it

His story is very fascinating: the name comes from the Turkish word “tullband” which means “turbans”, to which the shape of the corolla approaches. The tulip would be born from the drops of blood of a boy who committed suicide because he was unhappy in love. In 1500 the flower acquired a great fame, because Sultan Solimano the Magnificent loved him a lot. At this time he was also brought to Vienna and then to Holland and England.

In addition to its history and its meaning, it is important to know that color is also an element to be underestimated. Choosing a tone or another involves sending a specific message. The yellow tulip recalls the warmth of the smile, the mottled richness of the eyes of the recipient. Pink symbolizes a gesture of affection, while white can be linked to a request for forgiveness.


The red tulip, worthless to say, is a true love message, an open statement of deep commitment.

decorazione tavola tulipani rossi

That’s why you can safely say that the tulip is the flower of marriage. Perfect in the wedding bouquet, in the decoration of the location or the church is very beautiful in any color, even better in beautiful red vermilion.

tulipani centro tavola