The vegetable sculptures decorate banquets and receptions with a touch of exquisite personality and exoticism. It is possible to indulge in shapes and subjects of all kinds, always in harmony with the style of your event. Sculptures on watermelons, pumpkins, fruits and many other plants are sophisticated and preserve the vitality of the raw material which is perishable therefore it has a limited duration but is also “alive” for that.

Pavone vegetale

Vegetable peacock

Some curiosity about Thai art …

The most famous fruit and vegetable carving is in fact from the East and more precisely from Thailand, where it is called Kal Sa Luk and was born in the 14th century by the hand of an Empress who, at a ceremony, thought of Embellish a sacred object with a decoration on fruits and do so what is pleasing to his groom. Since then, the carving has become a cultural heritage before the female and then of the whole nation and today it is even a discipline in the schools.

Vegetable sculptures and catering: love at first sight!

In the new millennium, the Thai carving has spread all over the world thanks to internationally valuable schools. Catering companies who like to keep up with the trends are passionate about this art that is both ancient and modern thanks to the clever combination of shapes, colors and creative ideas.

For some years, the art of Thai crown is spreading also in Italy. Catering Maan has been a forerunner of the trend, because it has been offering these decorations for many years by having learned the art of “origin”: Marco, one of the founding members, attended courses and obtained certifications in Thailand. The ceremonies and weddings organized by Maan in Rome and the Castles can therefore have on request also this original and elegant signature.

Here are some examples of our achievements: