The presentation of the dishes and the layout of the tables are fundamental aspects for creating an ever-impeccable catering service.

“Even the eye wants its part,” and our chefs know him well. This is why they study the best menus according to the wishes of the bride and groom, but also dedicate themselves to offering the dishes with class and originality, looking for innovative ways of setting up. Because tradition also loves getting dressed up and amazed.

Alongside the flavor, the visual effect is carefully taken into account when presenting tableware and buffet mode. To ensure the emotional impact, colors, consistency and foods must be combined with extravagance and harmony, so that the approach of the flavors is anticipated by the pleasure of the eyes. Our buffet set-ups are a triumph of color, for example in the presentation of ground and sea enthusiasts with multicolored rolls, crunchy paper, finger food, and a wide variety of proposals to increase the curiosity of the guests. Expression preparation guarantees an optimal result because freshness is synonymous with color vivacity and increases visual pleasure.

Fruit and sweets are especially appealing to our art of presentation of dishes: the fresh hues of summer fruits or the chromatic succulence of creams, ice cream or chocolate are protagonists on our tables. And this is just an example of our imagination, always used to realize your dreams.

Complete the presentation also with the addition of scenographic details such as theme details, scattered coffee beans, flowers and fruit or vegetable sculptures, art where Maan is a leader in the catering sector of Rome and Castelli Romani. For each reception, event, wedding or ceremony we will be able to make customized outfits and decorations in keeping with the menu chosen, the type of mise en place and the personal taste.