Wedding catering is the flagship of Maan …

Now famous in Frascati and in the province of Rome for its unforgettable wedding receptions, which always exceed the expectations of the wives and their guests.

Since 1991, this is the ceremony where the most elegant style and elegance is transformed into sumptuous banquets, dressings and tables decorated in the finest details, romantic atmospheres depending on the taste of the protagonists, who will only have to dream: Maan Banqueting & Catering will know Give shape to their desires, advising the best solutions for each situation, such as where to marry in Rome. In fact, the first important step will be to choose the location among the many private villas, seasons or palaces of the age, but you can also arrange a wedding at home thanks to the home-catering service that will turn it into one of the best restaurants.

Even at your home, the setting will be impeccable and impressive thanks to Fiandra tablecloths, premium quality porcelain, silverware and decorations such as vegetable sculptures or theme decorations that will make your event even more original. The banquet will always consist of dishes made on time and with raw materials controlled and guaranteed to our experience. We will also suggest an original detail that will complement your party style, such as rum or tasting of sweets.

For further information or quotes you can write to or call at no. 069417605, we will be happy to advise you.


And after the wedding ….

The wedding anniversary is a special celebration that takes its name every year from the material that the gift should be made to the bride and groom should be exchanged. The more time you spend and the more you are the precious objects that symbolize the invaluable value of your dream of love.

In the anniversary list there are differences between region and region, but for the most important ones all Italy agrees.

Not to forget are silver wedding (25 years), golden wedding (50 years), diamond (60 years) and platinum (75), for which we will be able to make available to you all our Care and our experience for organizing unique receptions.