The Roman Castles are known for their romantic and special atmosphere due to the history, nature and tradition.

From here comes the peculiar feature of this place that makes it truly unique in the world, a destination for tourists and dreamers. History confirms it because, for many centuries, these gentle hills have welcomed the noble patricians and senators for their holidays and then the aristocrats of the eternal city built their residences here, so the territory is rich in historic palaces and mansions Which can accommodate your special moments today. La Maan offers you suggestive locations, vintage villas and farmhouses where you can celebrate in the shade of centuries-old plants or Italian gardens, stroll through ancient ruins, restored cisterns or on the sixteenth-century boulevards, enjoy romantic sunsets ranging from the mountains at the sea. And for the cooler days, the old halls, libraries, the evocative halls with cozy fireplaces will “guard” your festivals and immortalize in a unique way every moment. The accommodation capacity of our locations can meet all your needs, from the banquet to the large reception desk with hundreds of people or to corporate dinner. In some cases we can guarantee you the exclusivity of the entire villa that will be yours throughout the duration of the event regardless of the date, the size of the location and the number of guests. We also offer promotions that include the location in the price of catering and menu service.

Our Catering Castelli Romani service also guarantees the possibility of organizing the reception at home: throughout the area we assure the event setting and the express cuisine with menus made at home at your place. You can request information about home delivery or wedding in the villa by sending us an email or calling 069417605: We will be happy to give you our best proposals and above all to advise you for the perfect success of your event.