Casale del Drago

Casale del Drago

Casale del Drago is a charming villa for weddings and events located near Grottaferrata, in the province of Rome, and is a beautiful setting thanks to its sumptuous but cozy atmosphere.

The Renaissance style of the interiors and the Italian outdoor garden give the residence an aspect of pure elegance. Inside the garden you can admire a splendid Bernini fountain.

Where is Casale del Drago?

The eighteenth-century farmhouse is surrounded by greenery and is easily reachable from Rome: it is located along the Via Tuscolana in Molara, a few kilometers from the town center.

Why choose it?

Its three rooms allow you to organize varied receptions, whether it be corporate or private events. You can create numerous corners to make the various moments of the banquet or party even more special. In all seasons of the year this enchanted place will embellish your ceremony. The external tensile structures guarantee the perfect outcome of outdoor events regardless of weather conditions. A ballroom is also available to continue the party.

You can enjoy the exclusive villa with the express kitchen and any special menus on request. The menu includes an aperitif and a rich selection of appetizers, first courses and main courses with a double side dish, the wedding cake (which can be brought in by prior agreement), the dessert buffet and fresh fruit, coffee, bitters and distillates. The menu is however to be agreed with the catering service that can also propose a wedding planner of trust for the definition of all the details of the event.


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Borgo della cartiera

Borgo della cartiera

Borgo della Cartiera is a place immersed in the green, a stone’s throw from Rome, ideal for organizing your elegant and exclusive catering / banqueting event.
It has large rooms and outdoor spaces, terraces and a panoramic terrace.

The total capacity is 300 people and has a private car park.

Borgo della Cartiera is located in Grottaferrata in the Castelli Romani.

Palazzo Rospigliosi

Palazzo Rospigliosi

Palazzo Rospigliosi Congress Center is located in the historic center of Rome, in front of the Quirinale Palace. Wanted by Scipione Borghese in 1611, it was designed by Vasanzio and Maderno. After the Borghese family, the palace became property before Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio, then Cardinal Mazarino and, at the beginning of the 700th of the Rospigliosi Pallavicini family, whose name still stands today. Inside there are beautiful treasures, such as the two private art galleries that include works by Botticelli, Signorelli, Carracci and Guercino.

A perfect and versatile location

The structure consists of a garden in the center with the loggia and, behind, buildings with courtyards joined by passages. The environment is very well suited to the organization of receptions, thanks to the opportunity to vary the banquet moments in the various rooms and the variety of scenery that make the atmosphere feel and amaze the guests constantly.

Palazzo Rospigliosi is particularly suitable for sumptuous and elegant ceremonies.

The numerous rooms offer a wide choice:

– Room of statues, adorned with Bernini’s statues and ideal for conferences
– Room of landscapes, with frescoes of the Roman countryside of the sixteenth century and perfect for more gathering events
– Hall of the Pergola, with frescoed ceilings in the ‘600 by Guido Reni and Paul Bril, which has a warm and welcoming atmosphere
– Marina rooms, each with a capacity of 40 seated seats
– Salt of the Rat of Proserpina (40 seats), of Europe (40 seats) and of Anfitrite (30 seats)

The palace is equipped with internal kitchens equipped with every equipment needed for the perfect performance of each event.



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Villa Apolloni

Villa Apolloni

Villa Apolloni is the perfect location for weddings in Rome and the Castelli Romani because it allows you to arrange sumptuous wedding and other times.

A Renaissance villa on Rome

The structure dates back to the Renaissance and in that period preserves its charm and beauty.
The villa has two floors. On the ground floor in the past there were the stables, now transformed into large salons that welcome even 100 people, while upstairs there is a real jewel that will make your event unique: a beautifully frescoed room with a capacity of 50 people. The ceremonial environments are sophisticated and have every comfort. Each room is air conditioned and the property has professional kitchen and car park with caretaker.

At Villa Apolloni every detail is left to chance and real wedding achievements are made of princes.

In the evening the atmosphere is evocative thanks to the lighting highlighting the most wonderful views of the day thanks to the historical-artistic beauties such as the frescoes, the panorama from the terraces on Rome, to the park. The garden is rich with centuries-old plants, palm trees, pines and olive trees where we can arrange some special moments or all the reception.


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Casal Romito

Casal Romito

Casal Romito is a villa for weddings, ceremonies, banquets and elegant events in Rome and the Castelli Romani that combines beauty with beauty. It dates back to the seventeenth century in fact it was restructured at the beginning of the twentieth century in the strictest respect of the original architectural style. Already wonderful has been improved thanks to the further renovation of the 70s by new and current owners.

Where is Casal Romito?

The location is strategic because it is located in the middle of the Castelli but it is only a few kilometers from Rome, ideal for those who want to celebrate in the peace of its gardens. Here you can organize any event. The property has a high reception and can accommodate sumptuous banquets or private occasions for private events or ceremonies thanks to its many rooms that give it the opportunity to set up more places for appetizers, tastings, starters, desserts, both indoors and outdoors.


The building and the garden add an elegant tone to any event and for this Casal Romito can be considered one of the best wedding and catering venues in Rome. For more than twenty years, she has been hosting events and exclusive events in her scenic lounges or large outdoor spaces, taking advantage of every experience.

Among the suggestive corners, it is also possible to take photographs and photographic services unique to the refined atmosphere and beauty of the 18th century villas. In particular you can admire:

  • The Festival Hall
  • The fireplace room
  • The private Chapel
  • The Well Piazzetta
  • The Piazzale degli Archi
  • The terracotta terrace
  • The glimpses of Roman ruins
  • The centuries-old plants
  • The rosettes
  • The Italian gardens

In summer and winter Casal Romito is very much appreciated among the wedding villas in Rome and the province due to its impeccable catering service regardless of the weather conditions, which can be managed thanks to the availability of large indoor, garden and In the surrounding park.


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Casina dell’Orologio

Casina dell’Orologio

The Casina dell’Orologio winery is located not far from Rome and precisely in Grottaferrata, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Roman castles. Lapped by a chestnut wood, it is perfect for outdoor events, but the rooms allow a large amount of space inside. In fact, the structure can accommodate 140 people in the halls and about 300 outdoors.

Nearby is the wonderful San Nilo Abbey, which can host special ceremonies. For the photographic service you are spoiled for choice because it is close to localities like Frascati with its Renaissance villas and Monte Porzio Catone with Roman ruins and the Tuscolo Park. The same villa is a wonderful scenery thanks to unique natural views.


Clock case: a fairytale place

The villa is immersed in the greenery near an ancient chestnut tree, full of suggestion. In the garden admire a fountain, Mediterranean pines and cedars of Lebanon. You can also set up facilities to organize outdoor events during the hot season when you can enjoy the scents and the enchanting atmosphere of the place.

The farmhouse is built in a rustic style with exposed wood beams and beams. The pink color of the exterior walls gives it a romantic and fairy-tale area, perfect for a wedding reception. Inside two fireplace rooms communicate with each other and they accommodate about 140 people.
Clock Casinos is recommended for a perfect and charming country wedding and is ideal for intimate events or with many guests. Equipped with its own kitchen, it also offers a comfortable interior parking.


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Tenuta Cusmano

Tenuta Cusmano

Tenuta Cusmano is a very elegant location, perfect for weddings and events. It is located a few kilometers from Frascati, in the town of Grottaferrata.

A refined and strategic location

The hotel is tastefully furnished, open all year round and has two suites, seven rooms, reception, restaurant and bar. The proximity to artistic and cultural venues such as Rome, the Tuscolo Park, Frascati, the San Nilo Abbey in Grottaferrata, the lake of Castel Gandolfo, allows you to organize interesting, comfortable stays in the relaxed view of the strategic location In the green of the Roman castles. An enchanting terrace allows you to enjoy wonderful views and the garden also includes a grassy tennis court.

For the events and the wedding, Tenuta Cusmano offers a prestigious farmhouse, great location for shabby chic weddings, private parties and business meetings. The atmosphere is refined and collected. The estate is also a farm and produces a great wine that can be tasted even during banquets.


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Villa dei Consoli

Villa dei Consoli

Villa dei Consoli Borgo dell’Angiolo is a perfect villa for weddings and class events. Situated on a small hill, dominates the countryside below and enjoys stunning views. The villa is in the heart of the Roman castles’ countryside, near Monte Porzio Catone. It is about thirty minutes from Rome, a few kilometers from Tor Vergata.

Villa dei Consoli: an exclusive location

The location for weddings, close to Rome, offers indoor and outdoor spaces, including an indoor terrace. The garden lends itself to organizing events in the beautiful season and is the ideal scenario for photographic services with the rosette and the Roman tank. The main villa dates back to the 1800’s and resumes the Roman domus architecture with an interior patio. The property guarantees exclusivity: every day you can organize a single event, avoiding annoying crossings.
Its features make it a must for a wedding in the villa that contemplates all the details with taste and elegance.

Villa dei Consoli Borgo dell’Angiolo has an almost millenary history, since it dates back to Roman times according to the testimonies collected over time. A traveler of the eighteenth century told that he had seen that location along Via Pietra Porzia, known as Villa di Sardanapàlo, where a Roman farmhouse and ruins stood.



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Villa Mondragone

Villa Mondragone

Villa Mondragone is located in the town of Monte Porzio Catone and dates back to the 16th century. Ideal location for weddings and sophisticated events, boasts incredible history and beauty. Apart from the architectural wonders it offers stunning sunsets on Rome and elegant Italian gardens. This is undoubtedly a perfect place for an event, a ceremony or a classic style wedding banquet.

History and elegance for sumptuous events

Linked to education and science, it was home to a Jesuit College that made it a School of Excellence. The connection with culture continues today. The structure was acquired by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, which has been able to enhance it, and has given it a new splendor.
This location for weddings is certainly one of the most impressive in Rome, highly recommended for evening events and receptions in the beautiful season. It is certainly one of the ideal scenery to organize a wedding in a villa with a sumptuous style.



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