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Presentation of the dishes

The presentation of the dishes and the layout of the tables are fundamental aspects for creating an ever-impeccable catering service. "Even the eye wants its part," and our chefs know him well. This is why they study the best menus according to the wishes of the bride and groom, but also dedicate themselves to offering [...]

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Vegetable sculptures

The vegetable sculptures decorate banquets and receptions with a touch of exquisite personality and exoticism. It is possible to indulge in shapes and subjects of all kinds, always in harmony with the style of your event. Sculptures on watermelons, pumpkins, fruits and many other plants are sophisticated and preserve the vitality of the raw material [...]

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Wedding and tulips: love flower story

The flower associated with marriage is often pink, but it should actually be the tulip. Wedding and tulips are a winning combination. This beautiful and simple flower symbolizes deep love, the bond that lasts a lifetime. Here because... Secrets and history of the tulip: so why choose it His story is very fascinating: the name [...]

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